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Ambassadors: Skate
Daewon Song
Daewon Song

DOB : 2/19/75

Fit Select : Gripper

Insta handle : @daewonsong

Born & Raised : Seoul > Hawaii > Gardena, CA

Current Home : San Pedro, CA


Who are your people?
Podium family, Almot, Jon Fitisemanu, Luis Cruz, Cooper Wilt, Daniel Castillo, BZ, B Manza & many more!

Tell us about being born in S. Korea & then moving to Hawaii.
I was born in Seoul Korea and was there for about a year, we moved to Hawaii for about a year, then straight to Gardena! My parents, sister & I moved into my aunts until my parents could get on there feet themselves! They later opened a Shell gas station in South Central where I hung out a lot Haha! Grew up in the hood and I loved it!

What was it like skating in the South Bay when you were growing up?
It was fun! Took the bus or skated everywhere, there were a lot of skaters at the time and a lot of spots. I would try and skate all the spots from skate videos and at that time a lot of the major pros were all skating South Bay spots! It was the hotspot for a while.

Who were your idols at that time?
I was pumped on the Z boys gangeter vibe, Natas Kaupas, Hosoi and a lot of the Powell team.

Is there anything you wish you had done when growing up that you skipped or missed out on since you skated so much?
I don't regret anything, skating changed my life and gave me an outlet to get me out of the gangs and other shit I was getting into. It also helped get my mind off drunk parents fighting and trying to kill each other all the time.

You grew up in South Bay & still live in South Bay, how come you never moved elsewhere?
I did move out of the South Bay for ten years but now I'm back! Hahaha it's what I know and where I fell the most comfortable.

Can you believe Matix was started 15 years ago?
Wow that's insane! It was a fun time when we started in '98

Tell everyone about building the first Matix line:
Building the first line was hilarious! None of us had any clue what we were doing, but with some beer and pizza at Kevin Dunlaps apartment, we pulled it together! What a great experience.

Where did the original M Logo come from?
I came up with the original logo just scribbling stuff with Tim Gavin.

Between Tim & yourself, who put which guys on the team?
I put Rodney Mullen, Marc Johnson and Jb Gillet on at the time and Tim got Jeron Wilson, Sean Sheffey and Rudy Johnson.

What was your agreement w/ Rodney & Matix?
Hahahaha if I ride for Tensor trucks, he would ride for Matix. It was more of a joke.

In the early days you spent a lot of time in the office, what were you working on?
I went in a lot to give my input on the lines and to see some of the samples that were coming in as well as just to hang out.

Do you still think there is a lot of opportunity for a clothing company today like there was back in '98?
There is a lot more opportunity now! Skating has become so fashionable and more focused on clothes that are comfortable & durable for what skaters do. The amazing thing about Matix is seeing all the great product being made from the pure inspiration of everyone's lifestyle! Whether it be skating or just living but it's for everyone.

When you are looking for skate spots, do you have a trick in mind that you want to do at a certain spot?
I always have something in mind but its tough finding spots! You have to search and search, when you do find a spot and the trick to go with it, you're the happiest person in the world! Haha like finding a hidden treasure.

What are some of the things that effect you when you are trying to film a trick? what type of mindset do you have to be in?
Anything can bother you while filming! People watching, the wind, the heat, the cold or just the pressure of having to have it done by a certain date! You always have to push forward regardless of the distractions that may obhter you! Hahaha 21 years as a pro and I'm still nervous at demos.

What is after skating? Looking at your Instagram seems like your going to break into photography?
Hahahaha thanks but I'm going to be working on a lot of other projects, I have a small production company and other company's I can't mention yet!