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Ambassadors: Surf
JJ Wessels

DOB : 6-18-84

Fit Select : Constrictor

Insta handle : @jjwesselsmeanderingincashmir

Born & Raised : Lawndale > San Juan Capistrano, CA

Current Home : San Juan Capistrano, CA

Who do you hang with? 
Natalie Wessels (my wife), Jake Reeve, Brendan Mignogna, Scotty Stopnik, Mitch Abshire, Mason Dyer, Brian Bent, Tyler Warren, Max Dexter, Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Collin, Turkey Stopnik, Chase Stopnik & friends at the beach.

What is your typical day like?  
I wake up next to the most beautiful girl in the world, my wife, thank the Lord for that! Go check the surf and usually surf until noon. Eat some lunch, pick up photos from the photo lab, then head home. At home I might screenprint something and hang with the family. In the evening, check the surf again, either go for another surf or skate. On the weekends I work at Outback Steakhouse.

Did you spend much time doing formal schooling? High school, college?
Formal schooling has never really been in my list of things to do, my Dad was a man who worked with his hands a lot and he never wanted me to go to school. I guess he figured I would learn a trade and follow my inspiration. As for informal schooling its something I’ve been plugged into since I finished high school. 

I’ve pretty much have taken every art class there is at Saddle Back, screenprinting probably more then anything. Never really with any goal in mind other then to better understand my trade. That pursuit of creativity lead me to further pursue the Creator, so since 2003 I’ve studied the bible daily. I’ve spent time in a bible college where I finished their 2 year program in 4 years (took a little longer for it to sink in for me). I’m now probably no smarter then when I started all this but I can say I wouldn’t change a thing.

When did you get your first surfboard & who inspired you to start surfing?
My first surfboard was a Rick Stinger. My pop grew up in the South Bay surfing so he taught me to surf and gave me my first surfboard.

I saw a stack of boards at your house what is your go to board? (size, shape, brand etc)
My go to board depends mostly on where I am going to surf. Its always a hard decision, my car more often than not has a least three boards in it. The brands I’ve been drawn to are those of craftsmanship, the list starts with a 1965 Hap Jacobs Donald shape then mostly Rick Becker designs. As of late my friends have been making some inspirational boards, guys like Tyler Warren, Max Dexter, Donald Brink, Robin Kegal, Mason Dyer, Alex Knost, Tanner Pairie, to name a few. These guys are still learning their trades so I’m looking to a master craftsman for my equipment now. A guy named Tyler Hatzikian and I are currently working on a few boards and I’m excited to see what’s ahead.

Where have you scored the best waves when traveling? Who do you normally travel with?
The best waves I’ve ever surfed have been in Mexico, the last of my four trips have been to Puerto. I’ve been very blessed to surf some great spots but there’s nothing like the good old Mexican pipe, and the points south.

When your not in the water what are you up to?
When I’m not in the water lately I’ve been working on my house and skating my mini-ramp.

Have you shaped your own boards?
I’ve shaped about 15 boards myself. The first one I made was a total poser plank but with the help of a factory guy and a good dude named Rob Brown over time I developed a rideable board. I started building them because I wanted to make something for my wife that I thought she would like. 

You seem like you are a multi talented guy screen printing, shooting photos, doing graphics how do you have time to do it all?
I guess it’s who I am, I’m all over the place.

Congrats on your new house, tell us about it.
The new place is awesome, it’s a lot of work but I’ve got a wife who does most of that. It’s finally coming together. I put a mini ramp in before we had anything in the house which was a little tricky and distracting but I hope it’s something that puts smiles on many faces for years to come.

Who out there do you want to thank?
I want to thank God, my wife, my mom and dad, my in laws, Paul Gomez for getting my start at Matix, Chase Stopnik for being a good dude, Turkey, Mark Lohrbach, Gabe Clement, and of course Mike West and Brian Dunlap for everything. The rest of dudes over at Matix and also a really big thanks to Scotty Stopnik and his family, Mitch Abshere, Brendan Mignogna, Jacob Reeve over at Circa and Brian Bent. I’d also like to thank Joel Tudor and Vans for the duct tape, Ross Pope, Nolan Hall, and Alex Knost. And lastly Drew Martin, Matt Chenot, Jack & Mark for their time.