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Ambassadors: Surf
Turkey Stopnik

Name : Christopher "Turkey" Stopnik

DOB : 7/3/90

Fit Select : Gripper

Insta handle : @turkstopnik

Born & Raised : Huntington Beach, CA

Current Home : Costa Mesa, CA


Who are your people?
My friends and family who surround me. My brother Scotty, cousin Chase, friend and brother Troy Elmore, my girlfriend Brittany Burnett, Dog Barstow. and of course my Pop, big Scott.

What is your typical day like?
Wake up (hopefully before the sun rises), have some coffee and let the dog out, then go surf. After the surfing is done, I’ll make some food and have some more coffee. If the surf’s not good in the afternoon I'll try to do some work around the house or on my bike or van just to stay busy, and because there's usually work to be done around here. More food and most likely skateboarding or riding motorbikes will take place and go on into the night time, then its back to bed to do all over again.

How old where you when you first started surfing and skating?
I think I was around 7 or 8 years old, but I can't remember which one I picked up first, it might have been rolling on my butt down the driveway or it might have been standing up on a boogie board on the beach waiting for the shorebreak to wash me down.

What was the first surfboard & skateboard you ever owned?
The Surfboard was a random 7'2 mid length that worked just fine until I later figured out how it all worked. I'm actually not too sure what my "first" skateboard was, I remember it had a duck on the bottom of it and I got it for Christmas. I can say that the first board that made me more serious about skateboarding was a Jason Jessee Santa Cruz re-issue. I got really stoked on that board and it's still floating around the garage somewhere.

If you had to choose between going surfing or skating which would you pick?
Couldn't do it.

I seem to keep meeting Stopnik's how many of you are there?
Ha Ha, there's a few over here. I have 2 other brothers and 4 sisters, 2 nephews and 2 nieces. You know my cousin Chase pretty well and there's also a few more in the area. Definitely made things pretty exciting growing up…

Give me three names of legends you have always looked up to.
This is a kind of tough... you know I can't exactly say. I'd have to say I've always aspired to be and act and do things like my dad Scott Stopnik though, he's the reason I'm where I'm at now. I will say I love to watch guys like Butch Van Artsdale , Mickey Dora, and Gerry Lopez surf, and I love watching guys like John Cardiel, Ben Schroeder, and Jason Jessee ride a skate board.

When did you start getting into motorcycles?
I was 13 or 14 when I put a motor in my beach cruiser and I think about 15 when bought my Triumph and was able get it running to ride it.

What bike do you ride right now?
A 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead.

What do motorcycles and surfing have to do with each other?
A whole lot, just in different ways. They are both expressing yourself, one is mechanical and raw, and the other is smooth and I guess you could say "organic".
With motorcycles you feel one with the bike and with surfing you feel one with nature or one with the ocean for that matter. Both REALLY put you in a good mind set which is probably the best thing. So ya I think they have a ton in common.

What's all the buzz I keep hearing about Cycle Zombies?
It started out as a blog that we started about 7 years ago and it’s just blossomed from there. It's nothing serious, and it's definitely NOT a club. We make T- shirts and soft goods and we build old motorcycles. The crew consists of myself, my brother Scotty, my dad (Big Scott), my cousin Chase Stopnik and our good friend George Walle.

I noticed a drum set at your house? You play in a band or just like to annoy your neighbors?
Ha ha mostly the latter; I've played in a band but right now I just like to jam with whoever is around or just plug in my ipod and jam by myself.

What's up with the Kidnappers Van Club? How does someone get one of those bad ass patches?
You don't... okay, if you really want one I'll get you one! We got all into old vans a while back and started a van club. We'd paint them, panel the insides and put loud side pipes on em'. The main deal was just drive around and do burnouts in badass looking vans and that’s basically it, some of us still have vans and some don't but its all good and it's fun.

In closing, anything you want to tell the world? (the world does not really see this but it sounded good)
I gotcha. Well, really I just wanna have fun and be happy, and that’s it.