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posted on March 07 2014

Always one to have something worth listening to , Marc Johnson sits down with The Skateboard Mag in this feature called The W's. Enjoy!

posted on March 05 2014

It’s time for you to get 2UP. Film your best manuals, tag @berrics @matixclothing and hashtag #MatixBerrics2UP so we can find you. Indoors, outdoors, streets, or parks, it doesn’t matter. Just get creative and show us your best tricks on two wheels.

Whoever comes through with the best manuals will win a free trip to The Berrics to skate the 2UP obstacles with Daewon Song, the winner of 2UP, and a Matix prize pack. You’ll have a full week to submit. READY, SET, GO!!!

posted on March 05 2014

Congratulations to Daewon Song on winning the 2UP Manual Contest at The Berrics. Always pushing himself with trick selection and creativity on obstacles that no one else sees skateable, Daewon once again has blown everyone away. A true legend!