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posted on February 27 2014

It is time for you to let the people know who you think has the most amazing manaul tricks, who got the most creative with the obstacles, who blew your mind!! Vote now for the first ever 2UP Maunal contest winner at The Berrics. 

check all the videos here and vote - The Berrics 2UP Manual contest

All of the skaters that participated killed it, but you know where our votes are going! 

Click here to vote for Marc Johnson 

Click here to vote for Daewon Song

A gift from us to you for voting for your favorite manual master

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posted on February 20 2014

About a week ago JJ Wessels joined Matix for the Inspiration Vol. 5 show at the LA Mart. He came thru with some art of his own and screened tshirts for the masses.... alright , about 60 shirts for those who came thru. The folks at Swell.com came thru and caught up with JJ. Check the interview here at blog.swell.com 

Gabe Clement and JJ Wessels with a freshly screened, custom Inspiration tee. Inspiration Vol. 5 @ LA Mart

posted on February 18 2014

Matix presents Spring14, a visit to the Salton Sea. What was once a vacation destination for those living in the LA area and beyond, now has a horrid stench and heat that can not be taken for too long. The beaches are lined with thousands of dead fish, buildings have been long forgotten, and the contents picked thru by hundreds of curios visitors. As the buildings emptied and started to deteriorate , the dream started to die, the towns surrounding the Salton Sea disappeared almost over night. What is left is a skeleton of a paradise once had. Couldn't be a better place for the Matix crew to get together and explore this forgotten oasis.

Matix presents Spring 14 at Salton Sea from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.