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posted on April 30 2013


Matix Clothing Company is rooted in the heart of Los Angeles, California. We have grown up in the skateboarding and surfing cultures and this is what we know. This lifestyle is brought to fruition through the clothing that we make. Everyday is an adventure and every weekend is a trip. Let your creative sense take hold and explore new paths. In the end our goal is to create something unique for those who share this common bond.

With Summer Twenty 13, we bring you, “Slow and Steady”; strong colors, modern day prints and a glimpse at life through the laid-back eyes of our surf ambassadors, Turkey Stopnik and JJ Wessels.

Summer is all about getting lost in the day with friends, having fun and soaking in the shine of the sun.  JJ Wessel’s signature collection, ‘The Shape of Things’ and Turkey Stopnik’s signature collection, ‘Deathcard Days’ both epitomize the idea of summer from different angles, making for a unique twist to the Matix line-up.


Matix Summer 13 video , featuring Daewon Song, Mike Anderson, Turkey Stopnik, JJ Wessels, and Trevor Lucca. 

Matix Summer '13 from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.