Denim History

Matix Denim History

Denim has always been the foundation of the Matix brand since the start. We were not a company that started selling hats and tees but one that introduced an entire cut n’ sew line out the gate. Problem was our first run of denim was produced overseas and was driven by good pricing. It was by far the worst fitting denim we have ever put in the market place. But we learned from it and grew because of it. 
We ended up pulling our denim from overseas and started working with pattern makers here in LA to create a fit that worked for us. After countless trips to the pattern maker we built a pant called the “Styro” that quickly became a brand favorite. The Styro came out in Fall of 99’ and was offered in 4 sizes and two colors. 
After creating the Styro, we started working with Marc Johnson, Rick McCrank and Daewon Song to create specific fits for each of them. In 2001, we released a signature denim collection with the backing of the three heavy skate names. MJ’s pant, the Oblique, was the slimmest at the time as Marc always seemed to be a step ahead of the masses in creating something he would wear and that was unique to his style. Still to this day, MJ is very involved in his products and very particular about the design, styling and fits. Signature denim have become a staple in our line, and are always a large part of our development cycle as they are the true test of quality between impact and concrete. 
As a general trend in the industry, pants were starting to slim down as did our fits. In 2003, we introduced the Miner fit, which at the time was our slimest silhouette vs. today’s standards, where it’s our roomiest fit. Come 2004, yet another new fit was on the block, which is the popular Gripper fit. Since the inception of these styles, we are constantly fine tuning the details of them. Leg openings, front and back rise, and overall feel adjusts from year to year and season to season. 
Today we pride ourselves on 5 main fits: Gripper, Miner, Constrictor, Surveyor and Welder. Each one of these are unique and covering what we feel hit all types of styles and body types.